How Memento supercharges your content capture

How Memento supercharges your content capture


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In a world where information overload has become the norm, finding and organizing valuable content can be a daunting task. Every day, we are bombarded with a deluge of data from various sources: social media, messaging apps, news apps, documents, articles etc. making it challenging to sift through the noise and pinpoint what truly matters

The Problem: scattered and inaccessible content

When you come across valuable information, whether it's an insightful article, a thought-provoking message, or a useful document, the most common behavior is to save a link somewhere, send an email to yourself, or take a screenshot. While these methods serve as temporary solutions, they often lead to your important content being scattered across different devices, apps, and platforms. When the time comes to find that content again, frustration sets in as you struggle to remember where you saved it.

The Solution: A centralized hub for content curation

Our mission at Memento is to provide you with a central place for you to collect, enrich and organize all your inspirations, ideas, and other important content you would like to keep for later, and actually find it back when you need it.

To achieve high-efficacy content capture, we tried to focus on the main steps that we believe are crucial for maintaining a neat content base and developing content consumption healthy habits: Capturing, Enriching & Organizing, and Searching


To help you capture most seamlessly, Memento supports two modes of capture: Passive and Active capture.

  • Active capture is the action of actually inputting the content you would like to save and requires an explicit action from the user. The supported methods are :

    • Content sharing with the application: You can share links, text, images and pdf files to save

    • Sending an email to . The content of your email and images+pdfs attachments will get automatically added to your Memento account

    • Creating notes, todos, drawings etc.

  • Passive capture is as the name suggests, capturing without any action for the user, or at least not at each capture. Memento can be configured to :

    • Detect new screenshots, and capture them

    • Detect your incoming WhatsApp images, and capture them as well

    • Can be connected to your Pinterest account, and collect your pins (and more apps coming!)

Now that your content is captured, let's see how you can put some order in it.

Enriching and organizing

Enriching your content is the action of attaching some additional information to provide context to it, classify it or even schedule an action on it.

For example, you can be scrolling on Linkedin from your mobile device, and find an interesting job offer that you want to capture and apply to later, when you are in front of your laptop. Another example is imagine you find a quote that inspires you, and you want to capture it and add your thoughts so you can later have material for your next blog article.

In both cases, Memento allows you to annotate your collected content, and create reminders on it on the fly so you can surface it when the time is right. In addition to that, some of the collected content like images and pdfs will get automatically enriched by Memento, by detecting the text and some objects in them, which will come in handy during search.

As for the organization part, by default your captured items will be marked as pending, and you can classify them by putting them in collections. In general there are two types of people: the ones who like to put their content directly in collections at the very moment it's being captured, and the ones who prefer to do it later and process in one go all their collected items.

If you are from the first type, each time you capture a new item, a widget will show up and propose to put your items in a collection, with minimal interruptions, as you can see from the video above ๐Ÿ‘†. If you are from the second type, we got you covered as well. You can configure a recap notification to remind you of your last captured items that are still pending, and eventually put them in your collections. You can also configure what happens in case you decide to just ignore some items because they are no longer of interest to you; you can let Memento either archive or delete them to keep your space decluttered.


The more your content is rich and organized, the easier it is to find back. Text based search works with notes and links as well as with your images and pdfs thanks to Memento's AI based search engine. If you type in "piano" as an example, you will get all your pictures with a piano on it ๐ŸŽน

If you develop the habit of always putting your content into Memento whenever you want to save it, you can be sure to never lose it, and have the guarantee of always finding it back.

Note on the Concept of a "Second Brain"

Our vision for Memento aligns beautifully with the concept of building a "Second Brain" a term popularized by productivity expert Tiago Forte. Your Second Brain is a digital extension of your mind, a repository of valuable insights and knowledge. Memento aims to be that reliable and accessible extension, where you can confidently offload your thoughts and inspirations, knowing they will be readily available whenever you need them.

We like to think of Memento as more than just a content organization tool; it's a concept, a philosophy. We believe in the power of knowledge, inspiration, and ideas and their role in shaping the world, which makes their management paramount to fuel your creativity and productivity!

We have probably added more features to the ones mentioned here since we wrote this article, so don't hesitate to check out our latest developments on social media to be up to date!

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